Our Mission:
Survive cancer

Cancer research, health and society

Currently 45% of all men and 38% of all women in Europe suffer from cancer. Cancer is among all disease groups the one leading to the highest cumulated premature shortening of the life span within the society. Before 2020, cancer will be the most frequent cause of death. The diversity of the molecular, genetical and immunological modifications within a high number of various malignant diseases doesn’t allow an easy access to the development of new treatment strategies. Rather intensive and goal-oriented fundamental scientific and clinical research is required. Indeed massive investments in Research and Development have led to an unprecedented progress in the therapeutic management of malignant diseases.


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Univ.-Prof. Dr. Richard Greil

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Your mission:
Support the research against cancer

The diagnosis of cancer can affect each of us, either personally or in the private surroundings.

Our aim in the fight against cancer is to support the development of new medicines, which pave the way for treatments and regimes free of cytostatic agents and to a better life for patients with cancer.

Support the cancer research and help us providing patients suffering from cancer the hope of a better life:




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