The SCRI was founded in 2013 as an umbrella organization of the LIMCR (Laboratory for Immunological and Molecular Cancer Research) and CCCIT (Center for Clinical Cancer and Immunology Trials).


The cancer research of the LIMCR and the CCCIT at the Department of Internal Medicine III of the Salzburg Federal Hospital/Paracelsus Medical University intends the closest possible combination of fundamental scientific and clinical research for the benefit of the patients.The aim of the institution is to offer the highest quality of care for patients with all types of cancer and to further advance this quality by synergizing care of patients with highest standard clinical and translational research.


Trial participation allows benefiting from innovative anti-cancer drugs and optimized multimodality concepts long before these drugs and treatments become available on the market and guarantees otherwise not available quality of treatment performance. Immunological and molecular aspects of cancer research are in the center of our research efforts.


„Organizational synergies to maximize the benefit of all efforts, at the patient’s interest“

Salzburg Federal Hospital/
Paracelsus Medical University

Reference Center for patients with
all types of tumorous diseases
Clinical Research
Translational Research


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5th International CCS Workshop and 15th International CLL Workshop Salzburg 2019


3. Salzburg Breast Cancer Talk


01.-02. März 2019


Univ.Prof. Dr. Richard Greil, OA Dr. Simon Gampenrieder, OA Dr. Gabriel Rinnerthaler

Salzburg Cancer Research Institute (SCRI) with

Laboratory of Immunological and Molecular Cancer Research (SCRI-LIMCR)
Center for Clinical Cancer and Immunology Trials (SCRI-CCCIT)
in cooperation with the Cancer Cluster Salzburg and AGMT gemeinnützige GmbH